1.    Quality control of:

-    Finished products;
-    Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API);
-    Inactive ingredients;
-    in-process materials;
-    Medicinal plants;
-    Nutraceutics;
-    Veterinary medications.

2. Scientific-methodical activities;

3.    Academic and research activities;

The Laboratory serves as academic-research base for some universities, masters programmes and scientific-research work. Our scientific articles are annually published in symposiums and conference materials.

The laboratory has facilities to perform the following activities according to the guidelines of World Health Organization, USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European Medicines Agency (EMA) and International Conference on Harmonization (ICH):

  • Method development, validation and method transfer for:
Potency assay
Related substances (impurities)
Dissolution methods
Forced degradation studies
Cleaning validation testing
  • Quality control release testing:
API, finished products, nutraceutics, medicinal plants and veterinary medications;
Organic volatile impurities/residual solvents
Dissolution testing
Stability storage and testing
Physical testing
Compendial or in-house validated methods or sponsor’s methods
  • Formulation validation support testing:
In-process testing for formulation optimization
Physical/chemical properties
Spectral characterization
Solubility testing
Assay, content and blend uniformity testing for feasibility lots
  • In vitro release testing (IVRT)
  • Provide practice for students;
  • Provide trainings in pharmaceutical analysis (theoretical and practical course of chemical and instrumental analysis).


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