About Us

The strategic goal of the laboratory is to permanently develop and implement the existing potential, in order to correspond to the international standards and norms.

In order to achieve the strategic goal, the main direction of the quality control policy have been developed:

-    Systematic analysis of the requirements of all the interested parties;
-    Partnership with customers and suppliers;
-    Permanent assessment of customers feedback;
-    Permanent improvement of qualification and competence of the employees;
-    Permanent monitoring of the operation of the laboratory;
-    Permanent improvement of the quality management system results;
-    Implementation of innovative and effective technologies;
-    Integration of examinations and scientific-research work;
-    Optimization of processes;
-    Permanent development of the technical base.

Our mission is to provide high quality services, help to provide safe and high quality medicines to the population, cooperation with local and international organizations in the field of counterfeit drug control, promotion of the policy of safe use of medications.


Tbilisi. Chachava St. 1 / Ljubljana St.5
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